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It's not just a job, but a fulfilling and rewarding career since 1986..........

Since I enjoy being active and spending most of my time outside, it was natural for me to look for work in the construction business. I started out with hard and heavy work as a general laborer back in 1986. After gaining experience working for several restoration companies, I realized my specialty was in the masonry field. However, over the years, my vision has expanded to all aspects and varieties of restoration, construction, reconstruction, repair and maintenance, both inside and outside, and for residential and commercial customers.

Through the training, instruction and knowledge I received in the masonry field, I decided to branch out on my own in the restoration and maintenance business. In keeping this real and relevant, my life was on a path that was decaying rapidly, sort of like a building or structure decays over the years. I have Jesus Christ to thank for 'restoring' my life and setting me on a new course back in 1998. That's also when Mace's Masonry was established (no, my first name, Mace, isn't short for Mason, but I figured it was close enough and made for a good conversation piece). The business started out with a truck, a ladder, a shed and a few tools. Since that time, it has grown into a very rewarding experience. In large part, that's due to excellent customers!

Last but not least, and to give credit where credit is due, I would like to thank the exceptional contractors that I have had the privilege to work alongside with throughout these years in this field.  The dedication to hard work, integrity of character, and knowledge shared has contributed to the development of strong, working relationships and happy, satisfied customers.  

Thank you for visiting and please let me know how I can help serve your building restoration and maintenance needs.  

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